About Us

kiwi-tree-kiwifruit-enzymesKiwienzyme.com Ltd. is a privately owned New Zealand company, registration number 2323907.

Associated company:

  • Digestive Health Ltd – manufacturer of Zymactin® Brand products, digestive enzymes, healthy candies, and health drinks.

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In addition to manufacturing Actinidin powders, our research and development expertise in critical extraction has resulted in world-class international products and companies:

Trilogy® International Natural Skincare

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Arthrem® Arthritis Formula
Arthrem Centre Aligned

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Halal and Kosher Certification

KiwiEnzyme's products are Halal and Kosher certified.

  • Halal Certificate # KENZL003-0300090017/18-C01
  • Kosher Cerificate # CPZ-BRLL

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