Kiwi Fruit Extracts

Bulk Actinidin Proteolytic Enzyme Kiwi Fruit Extract (Actinidain) produce commercial grade Actinidin products, extracted from New Zealand kiwifruit, which can be used for similar applications as papain and bromolein.

These applications include:

  • Meat tenderising - controlled breakdown of tendonous proteins while maintaining textural quality
  • Protein/Meat Hydrolysis
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Dietary Fibre

Our Actinidin products have a number of distinct advantages:

  • Reliability of Supply
    Sourced from New Zealand kiwifruit. The New Zealand kiwifruit industry has a long history of stable production producing fruit that meet the highest standards of horticultural practice and food safety. Continuity of supply is assured.

  • Safety
    The regulatory controls on fruit production prevent harmful chemicals from entering the food chain. Ensures compliance with New Zealand's high food safety standards.

  • Formulation
    The product is a powder provided in a way that will be compaitible with the customer's requirements.

  • Shelf Life
    Packed in multi-layer metallised barrier bags, moisture and air uptake is minimised. Our physical and enzymic stability is in excess of 2 years at ambient temperature.

  • Low-Temperature
    Actinidin enzymes exhibit activity at low temperatures, enabling controlled hydrolysis while minimising microbial risk.

  • Thermal Stability
    Actinidin activity is optimal at 55º - 60ºC ensuring that hydrolysis can be performed at temperatures preventing microbial growth.

  • Long Storage Life
    The actinidin extract is converted to a powder with a low moisture content and corresponding low water activity. Benefits compared to traditional liquid enzyme products include:
    • Greatly reduced microbial load
    • Greatly enhanced enzyme stability, longer storage life
    • Less susceptible to microbiological contamination after the pack is opened compared with liquid products
    • Does not require refrigeration

  • High Activity Levels
    Our Actinidin extracts can be produced with proteolytic enzyme activity levels that are higher than those produced by papaya and pineapple extract. Kiwienzyme© Actinidin enzyme activity is expressed in units per gram based on the synthetic substrate CBZ-lysine-ONp. If you are unable to relate your application to the units stated on our product then we will be happy to assist in making the correlation/comparison.


All of our products are certified GMO-Free.

Processes are carried out in a manufacturing facility certified to New Zealand food manufacturing standards.

Product deliveries are accompanied by:

  • Certificate of analysis
  • Product specification
  • Guarantee of standards compliance

Make an enquiry to see how we can work with you to improve your product quality.

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